Vanguard Dynamics Opens Commercial Market with New 70V FLC-600T Model

Today’s commercial applications, from retail venues to restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, and more, require the best performance from their distributed sound system. But when a project calls for dozens of speakers, it can be difficult to match the customer’s audio expectations with their budget.

For years, Vanguard Dynamics has been delivering high-quality distributed audio systems to the residential market. But commercial integrators haven’t been able to find the same high-quality sound in 70V speaker models.

Until now…

The new commercial in-ceiling speaker (FLC-600T) from Vanguard Dynamics delivers superior performance at a budget-friendly price point. Features normally found on more expensive speaker brands, including a custom-paintable grille and the highest quality components to deliver the best sound quality, set this new entry into the commercial installation market apart. Even in premium applications requiring the best in reinforced sound for background music or spoken word, dealers and customers alike will find these speakers more than meet the highest expectations.

Entering the Market with Style

These new commercial in-ceiling speakers are designed to look as good as they sound, with a modern, no-edge design and a sturdy, never-rust perforated steel grille that can be painted to match any ceiling color. Visitors to the venue, whether it’s a church, restaurant, boardroom, or classroom, will barely notice the speakers —but they will appreciate the crystal clear sound.

Dealers will also appreciate the extra-wide threaded screws for quick dog leg fastening, the removable scrim cloth, and the neodymium magnets that securely attach the grille to the speaker enclosure, all resulting in fast and easy installation.

The Specs

FLC-600 rear viewVanguard Dynamics’ first foray into the 70V commercial market, the FLC-600T is a 6.5” 2-way, in-ceiling speaker available with a 70V/100V transformer for installation flexibility. A 6 ½” polypropylene woofer and ½ ” PEI tweeter are rated with a 5-70 watt power range, and offers a full 87 dB of efficiency. The FLC-600T has a wide frequency response of 52 Hz to 20 kHz for a full, rich sound quality.  Most importantly, they boast Vanguard Designs’ superior sound performance based on 20+ years of engineering experience.

Why These Ceiling Speakers Are Important

As more residential dealers seek additional profits in light commercial applications, and commercial integrators look for affordable equipment for premium installations, our newest speaker introduction fills a necessary need in the marketplace.

Residential dealers familiar with the Vanguard Dynamics brand can now spec the same quality in-ceiling speakers for their light commercial projects. And commercial integrators now have an option for budget-friendly, high-quality in-ceiling speakers backed by a 20-year reputation of excellence in audio quality.

Learn more about our new flangeless FLC-600T 70V in-ceiling speakers for premium commercial installations here.