Vanguard Dynamics, a California based company, designs and manufactures architectural audio products and accessories dedicated to custom installation.

Our team of industry veterans bring decades of experience in design and engineering and have created numerous award-winning products.  With a love for music, our goal is to design the best-sounding architectural speakers for indoor and outdoor applications that will turn your living space into a personal concert or home theater.  Not only offering an essential architectural speaker line-up, but Vanguard Dynamics has also built an enviable reputation as a supplier of superior grade custom integration electronics products as well.  Products such as robust multi-zone amplifiers, high-quality speaker switchers for reliable zone routing, in-wall volume controls, and other accessories have become staples for quality-conscious integrators.

Customer service is what sets Vanguard Dynamics apart from others.  Awarded Stellar Service Awards by Residential Systems and Quest for Quality Awards by CE Pro, Vanguard Dynamics offers a lifetime warranty on all speakers giving our customers peace of mind that Vanguard Dynamics stands behind their products and is chosen worldwide by both residential and commercial integrators to provide affordable speaker solutions for small and large-scale projects.

CEO & President

Jeff Francisco

Jeff Francisco’s interest in music started at a young age when he became a musician. His interest and abilities grew to the point he received a degree in music performance and became a professional musician and composer in the Los Angeles music scene playing and recording with a wide variety of classical, jazz, and pop music artists.

In 1985, Jeff joined SpeakerCraft and got an engineering education from the ground up in loudspeaker design, R&D, and manufacturing. He oversaw the development of the world’s first custom home installed speakers for now legendary brands. Shortly after the SpeakerCraft brand of architectural speakers was launched Jeff took over R&D responsibilities. He oversaw the successful introduction of hundreds of speaker and electronic products. He holds loudspeaker patents and introduced many new technologies to the industry.

In 2012, Jeff became CEO & President of The DaVinci Group – TDG Audio. He brought with him not only his engineering expertise but also his passion for music.

His uncompromising approach to the best possible music reproduction is something he learned in recording studios and applies to every product he designs at TDG.

CTO & Founder

Alex Chiou

Alex began his career with one of Asia’s premier loudspeaker manufacturers, working with many of the world’s well-known brands in consumer, commercial, and custom integration channels.

He methodically learned and mastered every aspect important to the design and engineering of loudspeakers and became a valued asset to not only the company but its many customers.

Alex later moved on to manage loudspeaker development at SpeakerCraft and was key to the development and manufacturing of dozens of products.

Alex’s incredible understanding of all aspects of loudspeaker engineering and manufacturing and his “hands-on” attitude likely make him the industry’s only CTO that is genuinely involved in even the smallest details of loudspeaker manufacturing.

1980's Early

Jeff rapidly advances his music career attending college music programs as a High School Freshman. Jeff keeps busy performing and recording in the L.A. area with Jazz, Classical and Pop artists. One of his projects is selected by and signed personally by David Geffen.


Jeff Joins SpeakerCraft and gets an engineering education from the ground up in loudspeaker design, R&D, and manufacturing. Jeff works on products for the world’s first custom installed speaker brands.


Jeff becomes Vice President of Engineering. Alex joins a Los Angeles car audio shop, designing and installing sound systems for show cars.


Jeff develops the world’s first home audio system for displaying metadata from and controlling Apple’s iPod. Alex joins Meiloon, a leading OEM manufacturer for high-end audio systems, and works alongside renowned loudspeaker designers and engineers from around the world.


Alex joins SpeakerCraft and becomes Manager of Loudspeaker Development, designing dozens of architectural audio products.


Jeff receives a patent on the world’s first pivoting in-wall speaker.


Jeff develops the world’s first system to broadcast hundreds of audio and video HD signals simultaneously over a single CAT-5 cable.


Jeff and Alex combine their expertise in loudspeaker design and manufacturing and launch, The DaVinci Group – TDG Audio and Vanguard Dynamics. TDG designs the world’s first ceiling speaker with a dual voice coil tweeter.


TDG introduces WarrantyPLUS to cover not only product replacement, but also offset the labor cost of replacement. Technology Integrator Excite Award. Residential Systems Stellar Service Award. Alex awarded Dealerscope Top 40 under 40.


European Office and Warehousing established to better service International Customers. Technology Integrator Excite Award. CEPro Quest for Quality Award.


DSHE Most Valuable Partner Award. Technology Integrator Excite Award. CEPro Quest for Quality Award.


DSHE Ring of Distinction Award.



TDG invents Skybar, the world’s first in ceiling soundbar that can also be used as a single channel or multi-channel speaker.


TDG featured in Home of Dreams in Westlake, TX and Parade Home in SLC, UT. Vanguard Dynamics speakers used in a Ferrari Exhibition. Sound + Image Award for VAIL Amp, the world’s first in-wall amplifier for Amazon Echo Dots.


Integrators Choice Award for Best Build and Installation. Vanguard Dynamics introduces VAIL Cast, the world’s first fully universal streaming amplifier.


TDG becomes the first custom integration manufacturer to acquire essential PPE supplies needed by integrators across the country. Present Day: The DaVinci Group continues to design and manufacture the finest architectural audio products dedicated to deliver the best sounding speakers and amplifiers for luxury homes.


TDG hires an experienced Marketing Manager to the team, closing out the end of the year with a video and social media bang.


TDG expands its backend support with a marketing section, allowing dealers and distributors to easily access high-end logos, social media images, video content, tutorials, and suggestions to help grow your local integration business. This is a great addition to our dealers and distributors enjoying high-profit margins and fantastic customer service. Plus easy onboarding here.