At the heart of every great audio system is a power amplifier.   It’s what brings the system to life.  Vanguard Dynamics amplifiers are carefully designed and engineered to provide incredible acoustics while performing reliably.  The Vanguard team has decades of experience in amplifier design and has put all of their experience into this outstanding line of amplifiers.   Each part of the amplifier has been carefully considered and built for the best possible performance.  That’s why in many models where others would use digital power supplies we have chosen toroidal copper power supplies.  That’s also why while others manufacture in large-scale facilities we instead choose a smaller manufacturing partner that only does amplifiers and has a decades-long history of manufacturing some of the best amplifiers ever made.  We back all of this confidence in our performance and reliability with a unique 5-year warranty.



Vanguard Dynamics Satellite and Subwoofer Amplifier



Vanguard Dynamics 12 Channel x 50W Multi-Zone Amplifier