Pre Construction Bracket For 4″ In-Ceiling Speaker



The Vanguard Dynamics speaker brackets make installing The DaVinci Group speakers quick and easy. Featuring aluminum 360-degree snap lock wings with handy grid markers to easily align multiple rows of speakers, an integrated mud ring so drywallers know exactly where to cut, removable debris cover, and a wire tie loop to secure speaker wire.

Key Features:

• Pre Construction Bracket for 4″ In-Ceiling Speakers
• Cut Out Dimensions: 6 1/10″ (155mm)
• Mud Ring So Drywallers Know Exactly Where to Cut
• Handy Grid Markers To Easily Align Multiple Rows of Speakers
• Removable Debris Cover
• Integrated Wire Tie Loop
• 2 x 14″ Aluminum Snap Lock Perforated Wings
• Color-Coded Brown for 4″ Speakers