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IOS-6 Owner’s Manual

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1. Attach the speaker cables to the speaker cable terminals located on the back of the IOS speaker.

2. Connect the speaker cable while ensuring proper polarity with the amplifier, + to + (red) and – to – (black).

3. Also ensure that the right channel of the amplifier is connected to the right speaker and left channel to the left speaker.


Outdoor Installations

  1. When mounting the IOS speakers outdoors, the eaves of the roof provide an ideal location as they reduce the exposure of constant direct sunlight and precipitation.
  2. If installing speakers on a boat, the wheelhouse provides the best location for the same reasons.

Indoor Installations

1. When placing the IOS speakers on a wall or bookshelf, we recommend that they are mounted at ear level or slightly higher.

2. The usual listening area should be no closer to the speakers than the distance between the speakers themselves.


1. The IOS speaker is supplied with a U-shaped wall mounting bracket that can be installed vertically or horizontally.
2. Use screws, bolts, or anchors (not included) that are capable of supporting the weight of the speaker to mount the bracket. 3. Once the wall mounting bracket is securely fastened, insert thumbscrews through the bracket into the speaker.
4. Rotate the speaker to the desired position and tighten the thumbscrews.
5. There are two M6 inserts located on the back of the speaker for other types of mounting brackets.
6. Make sure to select a bracket capable of supporting the weight of the speaker.


1. Depending on the listening area, you may find the sound more pleasing by pointing the tweeters towards the listening area.

2. If additional treble is desired, carefully remove the grille and gently push at the edge of the tweeter to point the tweeter in the desired location. CAUTION: Touching the tweeter dome may result in damage to the tweeter.

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