Top 5 things to consider when installing your outdoor audio system?

As we are now staying at home more than ever, why not upgrade your living space? A backyard with fresh air and relaxing music is the best place to go during this time, outdoor yoga, outdoor candlelight dinner, and more activities to do in your backyard! To install an outdoor audio system, here are the top 5 things to be considered:

outdoor speaker consideration

1. Location, location, location.

The importance of location should not only be considered when buying a house, but also the location of the speakers when installing your audio system! Place speakers near areas you want audio coverage and spread out evenly for optimal coverage. Our IOS-6 indoor/outdoor speaker will be a perfect choice to be installed under the eaves of a patio.



2. How loud do you want to go?

If you love to party, then you will love our OLS-SUB Landscape Subwoofer in your backyard with our outdoor speakers strategically placed around the areas you want audio coverage; or if you prefer breakfast on the patio with some light music, any pair of our outdoor speakers would be a great fit. When choosing speakers, larger speakers produce greater sound.



3. Hidden or Seen?

We want to satisfy you not only acoustically, but also visually. Our rock speakers are designed to perfectly blend into your garden. You can also surprise your visitors by making the rocks sing! Or, you can choose our EN-6T light style speakers that are chic and classic, and will look very nice by pools and plants in your backyard.



4. Warranty/ Durability?

There are tons of speaker brands in the market, how exactly should you choose? Vanguard Dynamic always makes sure each of our products is the highest quality so that you can enjoy music at home anytime, and have peace of mind! We honor our commitment to provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY for all of our speakers.

5. How do you want to control your music?

There are many ways to control your music either via voice control vs mobile APP control. With our VAIL Amp powering a pair of outdoor speakers, just ask Alexa what you want to listen to.

vail amp 3 echo dot third gen amplifier


Which one is the most important to you? Let us know and feel free to contact us for any recommendations.